NZFW 2015: Kate Sylvester

New Zealand Fashion Week (NZFW) came around just as it left- way too quickly. Feet suffered terrible blistering nightmares,  sleeping hours were in short supply, and cameras, or should I say the world of technology in general, seemed to take pleasure in being my sworn enemy. 


Sweet Street: BMB X POL Clothing

Current obsession: Giving sweet, classy, more formal pieces a newfound street style vibe. And yes, I do it by wearing my sneakers.


Windswept: BMB X POL Clothing

The title may sound poetic, but the elements were most certainly not on my side for this shoot. But that's ok, POL made the windy/rainy/barbaric conditions worth it..


Cruise Fever: Louis Vuitton

It's that time of year where every designer and their dog have been debuting their Resort/Cruise '16 collections. There have been collections that have had me utterly captivated, and many that really didn't stick around on my radar for long. But the one that for me stood out the most was the one and only,  Louis Vuitton. 


The Winter Gradient

'Tis the season to try and not freeze my bum off, and this is how I’m doing it. Featuring two jackets, one dress and a pair of white sneaks in desperate need of a scrub