The Winter Gradient

'Tis the season to try and not freeze my bum off, and this is how I’m doing it. Featuring two jackets, one dress and a pair of white sneaks in desperate need of a scrub

The weather is cooling down which means, oddly enough, my mood is going up. And going up only because winter clothing is my absolute guilty pleasure. Warm, long sleeved knit dresses, over sized coats big enough to fit you plus a significant other in,  classy leather boots, snuggly pants, and about a million other things I could list if I had another hour or so of your time.

This combination is one I have worn and will continue to wear over the winter season. The versatility of this dress is definitely something else. Whatever I wear it with, it just works, and that is definitely what I love the most about it. I mean, look how it works with both of these jackets? How can you not love a piece that you definitely know you’ve got your money’s worth from. It's currently keeping me super warm and super snug, although I must say, if the wind gets any more brutal I’m going to have to chuck a cuddly coat into the mix

Black leather jacket: MANGO | Black and white jacket: DECJUBA | Knitted dress: GLASSONS | White sneakers: TOPSHOP | Clutch: WITCHERY

Photography thanks to Sophie Wheeler

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