NZFW 2015: Kate Sylvester

New Zealand Fashion Week (NZFW) came around just as it left- way too quickly. Feet suffered terrible blistering nightmares,  sleeping hours were in short supply, and cameras, or should I say the world of technology in general, seemed to take pleasure in being my sworn enemy. 

However, my first NZFW was just as amazing as I expected. The experience of sitting down in the photographers pit on the floor (by choice may I add) surrounded by other likeminded photographers, bloggers and fashion enthusiasts just waiting to get the perfect shot was probably not what some would call exciting. But, I don't think I've ever been so thrilled in my life. The beauty of this experience was not just the shows (although they were all incredible), but it was the vibe. It was a fast paced, things-to-do, shows-to-attend kind of vibe. That mixed with everyone's unspoken appreciation of one of the world's most widely loved art forms, I could 100% assure you that I was definitely in my element.

On my first and biggest day of NZFW I attended three shows: Twenty-Seven Names, New Generation and Kate Sylvester. And finally, here are my favourite looks from the show

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