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Renee & Kendell from Clyne at Kate Sylvester

First I'll start with the sad story.

Never being known as one to always have it all together, I remained true to form on night one of Britomart Fashion Sessions, forgetting a rather important piece of the puzzle. The puzzle was my camera, as I planned on shooting backstage pre-show, and the missing piece was none other than my SD card. You can imagine how much I was kicking myself. But I was in luck! These days I attend events with none other than my right hand man, and being the wonderful guy he is, he told me he'd take some photos for me to use. He got some beautiful shots of the Kate girl's for me so all's well that end's well.

Now you've heard about my "sad story" AKA Caitlin's camera blunder, I can tell you about the happy endings (yes, there were multiple).
  1. WORLD, Kate Sylvester and Zambesi - the triple threat show
  2. Trelise Cooper show
  3. Taylor show
  4. I remembered my SD card for the remainder of the events (so basically I got my stuff together)
In summary, Fashion Sessions was bigger and better this year. Model's slinking down the runway while Kanye thumped away in the background (or right in your ear if you stood by the speaker like me), nods to Mr Bowie with glitter galore from WORLD, smudged beauty and the classic refined palette I love from Kate Sylvester, fun and leather from the gods at Trelise, and last but not least, interesting shapes and feelings from Taylor. 

Here are some snaps I took backstage at Trelise. The one up top was taken by Lorenzo backstage at Kate Sylvester. I decided to draw on all of them. It was immensely fun drawing on these beautiful girls and made it all feel a bit more unusual to me, and was something I've wanted to test out for a long while. Anyway, remind yourselves never to trust me with a sharpie around you, I might start getting ideas to bring these photos to life...


Bernie from Unique at Trelise Cooper

Sophia from 62 at Trelise Cooper

Saskia from 62 at Trelise Cooper


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