I've actually been waiting for this moment for quite a while now, and being able to finally get around to creating this and sharing this with you guys makes me feel that FINALLY I'm headed in a direction I want to be going.

For longer than I care to remember I've always had a desire to take my photography (among other things we will stumble across along the way) further than what I've dared to ever do. I have been behind a camera often over the past years, in a range of different situations, from 'I'm a photographer, I take photos on my iPhone on holiday' to shoots with friends for personal projects and everything in between. Although I've done this stuff, I've never really shared it.

Someone commented once how it was so cool that after all these years I still enjoy blogging, and it made me think. Although I've been 'blogging' I've not been 'blogging' how I wanna be 'blogging', ya know? No seriously, I have fully come to the realisation that at the end of the day, my lack of posting has come down to getting too comfortable with being my own harshest critic. I have all these ideas, and I have had so many things I've created that I've been too scared to post. I felt they were not good enough, and let my perfectionist nature ruin their appeal to me, so I let them sit in the archive's waiting for the right moment. But, as I'm growing up, I'm realising that I need to trust my instinct, own my ideas and see it all through.

So as I said, I have been wanting to do this for a while. After having more experience on talented friend's shoots and being surrounded by people who inspire and support me 110%, I figured it would be a disservice to my own creative vision not to do the things I'm most passionate about.

A big massive thank you thank you thank you to the amazing little A-Team that made this shoot what it is. It's one thing to be able to take some photographs, but without the amazing model, talented make-up artist and #1 wingman who is always there when I need him, I wouldn't have been able to create what I did. This was my first attempt, I have more things I want to learn and more things I want to experiment with, but I'm extremely happy with this as a starting point.

ASSISTANT: Lorenzo Thapliyal
PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING: Caitlin O'Toole (also known as the person writing this)

Lauren wears sass & bide 'Walking in the Rain' top, Nice Martin 'Moonrise dress'

Featuring Pigment Studio 'Tabitha' and 'Abstract nude' earrings

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